Frightened Eyes

Audio tracks :

She Thinks She's In Love
Nurses Party
Maid Of Savoy
Dirty Weekend
What Did I Have To Lose
Down The Hill
Old Friends
Hotwire My Heart
Don't You Worry
I've Got The Blues
Easy Girls
Still You Sit There
Suburban Guerrillas

Personnel :
Mike O'Mara, vocals; 
Geoff Lewis : all instruments, backing vocals
The live band included :
Dick Beard : drums; Andy Pryor : bass; Pete Burton : guitar.

Video :

A previous incarnation, Frozen Assets, included Martin Heller : bass; Guy Marson : guitar; Ian Ludwig : drums

Based in Worcester, Frightened Eyes were a busy live 4/5-piece band in the 80s, playing covers and Geoff's own songs, mostly around Gloucestershire.  When they retired from live performing, Geoff and Mike continued working together, recording Geoff's music.

Among their influences are Ray Davies of The Kinks and Randy Newman

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